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Established 2008
3 years OEM
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Packaging Details: Original special package with grid, 42x37x20cm 40pcs per carton; 56x37x19cm 50pcs per carton; 68x37x20cm 60pcs per carton;
Delivery Detail: 2-7days


Original and Brand new laptop keyboard at low price, fast delivery, CE, UL approval

Laptop Keyboard for Sony VAIO GR GRS GRZ Series
  • Brand New, OEM Sony Laptop Keyboard, in great working condition.
  • Compatible Sony Part Number: 147678823 8043849 8028127 N860-7618-T001 147678823 8027110
  • US Version
    SONY VAIO GR Series:Sony VAIO PCG- GR250, GR250P, GR250K, Sony VAIO PCG- GR270, GR270P, GR270K, Sony VAIO PCG- GR370, GR370P, GR370K, Sony VAIO PCG- GR390, GR390P, GR390K
    Sony VAIO GRS Series:Sony VAIO PCG- GRS175, GRS515M, GRS515P GRS515P/R, Sony VAIO PCG- GRS150P, GRS170, GRS170K, GRS170P, Sony VAIO PCG- GRS515SP, GRS515SP/R, GRS614MK, GRS614MP, Sony VAIO PCG- GRS615SK, GRS615SMP, GRS615SP, GRS700, Sony VAIO PCG- GRS7001, GRS700K, GRS700P
    SONY VAIO GRZ Series:Sony VAIO PCG- GRZ530 (8G1L), GRZ600P1, GRZ600P3, GRZ600P6, GRZ515G, Sony VAIO PCG- GRZ610 (8L3L), GRZ615G, GRZ615S, GRZ630 (8L2L)


More laptop keyboard models:

9J.N9082.E0Q NSK-TAE0Q
9J.N9082.E0S NSK-TAE0S
9J.N9082.E0T NSK-TAE0T
9J.N9082.E0U NSK-TAE0U
9J.N9082.E1A NSK-TAE1A
9J.N9082.E1D NSK-TAE1D
9J.N9082.E1J NSK-TAE1J
9J.N9082.E1K NSK-TAE1K
9J.N9082.E2M NSK-TAE2M
9J.N9082.G0J NSK-TAG0J
9J.N9082.J01 NSK-TAJ01
9J.N9082.J06 NSK-TAJ06
9J.N9082.J09 NSK-TAJ09
9J.N9082.J0A NSK-TAJ0A
9J.N9082.J0C NSK-TAJ0C
9J.N9082.J0E NSK-TAJ0E
9J.N9082.J0F NSK-TAJ0F
9J.N9082.J0G NSK-TAJ0G
9J.N9082.J0K NSK-TAJ0K
9J.N9082.J0L NSK-TAJ0L
9J.N9082.J0M NSK-TAJ0M
9J.N9082.J0Q NSK-TAJ0Q
9J.N9082.J0R NSK-TAJ0R
9J.N9082.J0T NSK-TAJ0T
9J.N9082.J0U NSK-TAJ0U
9J.N9082.J1D NSK-TAJ1D
9J.N9082.J2M NSK-TAJ2M
9J.N9082.K06 NSK-TAK06
9J.N9082.P0A NSK-TAP0A
9J.N9082.P0G NSK-TAP0G
9J.N9082.P0L NSK-TAP0L
9J.N9082.P2M NSK-TAP2M
9J.N9082.Q0A NSK-TAQ0A
9J.N9082.Q0F NSK-TAQ0F
9J.N9082.Q0G NSK-TAQ0G
9J.N9082.Q0J NSK-TAQ0J
9J.N9082.Q0L NSK-TAQ0L
9J.N9082.Q0Q NSK-TAQ0Q
9J.N9082.Q0R NSK-TAQ0R
9J.N9082.Q0S NSK-TAQ0S
9J.N9082.Q0T NSK-TAQ0T
9J.N9082.Q1A NSK-TAQ1A
9J.N9082.Q1D NSK-TAQ1D
9J.N9082.Q1K NSK-TAQ1K
9J.N9082.Q2M NSK-TAQ2M
9J.N9082.S01 NSK-TAS01
9J.N9082.W01 NSK-TAW01
9J.N9082.W0Q NSK-TAW0Q
9J.N9082.W0W NSK-TAW0W
9J.N9082.Z0J NSK-TAZ0J
9J.N9182.201 NSK-D8201
9J.N9182.21B NSK-D821B
9J.N9182.A0F NSK-D8A0F
9J.N9182.A0G NSK-D8A0G
9J.N9282.801 NSK-TB801
9J.N9282.80A NSK-TB80A
9J.N9282.80E NSK-TB80E
9J.N9282.80F NSK-TB80F
9J.N9282.80J NSK-TB80J
9J.N9282.80L NSK-TB80L
9J.N9282.80R NSK-TB80R
9J.N9282.80U NSK-TB80U
9J.N9282.81A NSK-TB81A
9J.N9282.81K NSK-TB81K
9J.N9282.A00 NSK-TBA00
9J.N9282.A01 NSK-TBA01
9J.N9282.A07 NSK-TBA07
9J.N9282.A09 NSK-TBA09
9J.N9282.A0C NSK-TBA0C
9J.N9282.A0E NSK-TBA0E
9J.N9282.A0F NSK-TBA0F
9J.N9282.A0Q NSK-TBA0Q
9J.N9282.A0R NSK-TBA0R
9J.N9282.A0S NSK-TBA0S
9J.N9282.A0U NSK-TBA0U
9J.N9282.A1D NSK-TBA1D
9J.N9282.A1K NSK-TBA1K
9J.N9282.A2M NSK-TBA2M
9J.N9282.P0E NSK-TBP0E
9J.N9282.P0U NSK-TBP0U
9J.N9282.Q0F NSK-TBQ0F
9J.N9282.Q0G NSK-TBQ0G
9J.N9282.Q0Q NSK-TBQ0Q
9J.N9282.Q0R NSK-TBQ0R
9J.N9282.Q0T NSK-TBQ0T
9J.N9282.Q0U NSK-TBQ0U
9J.N9282.Q1K NSK-TBQ1K
9J.N9282.Q2M NSK-TBQ2M
9J.N9282.Z01 NSK-TBZ01
9J.N9382.001 NSK-D9001
9J.N9382.002 NSK-D9002
9J.N9382.003 NSK-D9003
9J.N9382.00J NSK-D900J
9J.N9382.00K NSK-D900K
9J.N9382.00U NSK-D900U
9J.N9382.00X NSK-D900X
9J.N9382.01B NSK-D901B
9J.N9382.01C NSK-D901C
9J.N9382.01E NSK-D901E
9J.N9382.20F NSK-D920F
9J.N9382.20K NSK-D920K
9J.N9382.20S NSK-D920S
9J.N9382.20U NSK-D920U
9J.N9382.21B NSK-D921B
9J.N9382.21C NSK-D921C
9J.N9382.21E NSK-D921E
9J.N9382.301 NSK-D9301
9J.N9382.302 NSK-D9302
9J.N9382.303 NSK-D9303
9J.N9382.305 NSK-D9305
9J.N9382.306 NSK-D9306
9J.N9382.308 NSK-D9308
9J.N9382.30A NSK-D930A
9J.N9382.30G NSK-D930G
9J.N9382.30H NSK-D930H
9J.N9382.30J NSK-D930J
9J.N9382.30K NSK-D930K
9J.N9382.30R NSK-D930R
9J.N9382.30U NSK-D930U
9J.N9382.31B NSK-D931B
9J.N9382.31C NSK-D931C
9J.N9382.31E NSK-D931E
9J.N9382.A01 NSK-D9A01
9J.N9382.A02 NSK-D9A02
9J.N9382.A0A NSK-D9A0A
9J.N9382.A0E NSK-D9A0E
9J.N9382.A0J NSK-D9A0J
9J.N9382.A0M NSK-D9A0M
9J.N9382.A0U NSK-D9A0U
9J.N9382.A1A NSK-D9A1A
9J.N9382.A1B NSK-D9A1B
9J.N9382.A1C NSK-D9A1C
9J.N9382.A1E NSK-D9A1E
9J.N9382.K01 NSK-D9K01
9J.N9382.K0M NSK-D9K0M
9J.N9382.K0R NSK-D9K0R
9J.N9382.K0U NSK-D9K0U
9J.N9382.K1D NSK-D9K1D
9J.N9482.003 NSK-AJ003
9J.N9482.006 NSK-AJ006
9J.N9482.00A NSK-AJ00A
9J.N9482.00C NSK-AJ00C
9J.N9482.00D NSK-AJ00D
9J.N9482.00E NSK-AJ00E
9J.N9482.00F NSK-AJ00F
9J.N9482.00G NSK-AJ00G
9J.N9482.00H NSK-AJ00H
9J.N9482.00N NSK-AJ00N
9J.N9482.00Q NSK-AJ00Q
9J.N9482.00R NSK-AJ00R
9J.N9482.00T NSK-AJ00T
9J.N9482.00U NSK-AJ00U
9J.N9482.00Y NSK-AJ00Y
9J.N9482.01A NSK-AJ01A
9J.N9482.01B NSK-AJ01B
9J.N9482.01D NSK-AJ01D
9J.N9482.01E NSK-AJ01E
9J.N9482.02M NSK-AJ02M
9J.N9482.100 NSK-AJ100
9J.N9482.102 NSK-AJ102
9J.N9482.103 NSK-AJ103
9J.N9482.104 NSK-AJ104
9J.N9482.10A NSK-AJ10A
9J.N9482.10E NSK-AJ10E
9J.N9482.10F NSK-AJ10F
9J.N9482.10G NSK-AJ10G
9J.N9482.10H NSK-AJ10H
9J.N9482.10L NSK-AJ10L
9J.N9482.10N NSK-AJ10N
9J.N9482.10Q NSK-AJ10Q
9J.N9482.10R NSK-AJ10R

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Verified Supplier - Nanjing Secutronic Software Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland) | Contact Details
Established 2008
3 years OEM
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